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Notice on Staff Selection (Recruitment) of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center, Jiangsu

 Source: Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center China Jun 6th, 2015   
In order to select proper talents and further optimize staff structure, we decide to recruit 6 staff in public. According to Regulation of Jiangsu Province Public Institution Recruitment, relevant matters are published as follows,
1. Requirements
(1) Applicants should have Chinese nationality, and enjoy citizen’s political rights; uphold the four fundamental principles, and advocate the Party’s basic line, principles and policies;
(2) Applicants should observe disciplines and obey laws with good moral character; cooperate with colleagues and have integrity and be public-spirited;
(3) Applicants should adapt to health requirements of the position;
(4) Applicants should be qualified for the position, detailed requirements please refer to Position List of Public Recruitment of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology,
 2. Registration
(1) Method, time and address of registration
Applicants can download and fill in Registration Form of Public Recruitment of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center in Yancheng Tinghu District Human Resource Website( Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center Website, and hand in after first qualification review on site.
b. Time, 8:30-11:30 am, 2:30-5:30 pm, Jun 18th -19th, 2015
c. Address, Lvchao Building Room 813 of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center. ( No. 888 of Yancheng YIngbin  Avenue, Lvchao Building Room 813)

(2) Matters need attention
a. Applicants should provide original and copy materials of personal identification card, diploma (graduates of 2015 need to provide Graduates Mutual Choice Employment Recommendation Form, and three recent one-inch bareheaded photos
b. The proportion of examination participants and the position is 3 to 1, if the number of applicants doesn’t reach the proportion, it can be properly decreased with the agreement of Yancheng Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. If can’t be decreased, we will reduce the recruitment number or cancel the position.
c. Applicants can choose only one position to register. After passing the first qualification audit, applicants’ information can’t be changed; Applicants who don’t pass the first qualification audit can apply for other suitable positions within registration time.
d. Applicants must fill in registration information truthfully, and be responsibly for the truth, accuracy, integrity, and effectiveness of the materials they hand in. if falsifiers are found, their recruitment qualification will be cancelled immediately.
3. Examination
Both written examination and interview will be carried out for the recruitment.
(1) Written examination
a. The content of written examination is public basic knowledge (including politics, economics, law and investment attraction basic knowledge. Total points are 100, and passing score is 60.
b. Time and address of written examination will be published in written examination ticket.
c. After going over examination papers, applicants can telephone to inquire their scores by examination ticket number.
(2) Interview
a. Among applicants who pass written exam, determine interview candidates with the portion 3 to 1 of staff needed according to high scores to low scores (including people of the same scores). If the number of people who pass the written exam can’t reach the portion 3 to 1, then actual numbers of applicants will take part in the interview.
b. Applicants’ qualification will be audited again before the interview. Vacant position caused by reasons such as no pass of qualification, interview candidates will be added from people who pass written examination from high scores to low scores. The re-audit of qualification and interview time will be further noticed, and candidates who didn’t take part in the re-audit of qualification will be treated as giving up the interview. The interview list will be announced in Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology website, the vacancy after announcement will not be added.
c. Interview of No. 01 position mainly tests candidates’ professional quality and oral English level, and candidates should answer all questions in English during the whole Interview; other positions are structured interview, Total score of interview is 100, and the passing score is 60. Interview result will be informed to candidates on site.
(3) Score method
Total score= written examination score×40%+interview sore×60%
4. Recruitment
(1) Physical examination. According to investigation result, physical examination staff will be determined by the portion 1 to 1 of people needed from high score to low score. Candidates who have a higher written examination score will take part in physical examination if they are of the same total sores; and if their written examination scores are also the same, extra examination will be carried out ( time and method will further notice), higher score candidates will take part in physical examination. Physical examination will consult national public servant recruitment physical examination standards and procedures.
(2) Investigation. Candidates who pass the physical exam will be investigated (consulting civil servants employed investigation standards), employed staff list will be determined according to the result of physical examination and investigation. Position will not be added because of the vacancy caused by failure of physical examination or investigation. 
(3) Announcement. List of recruited staff will be announced in Yancheng Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center website for 7 workdays.
(4) Recruitment. After announcement period, we will handle recruitment procedures for people recruited, and sign the public institution recruitment contract, and employees will enjoy public institution establishments. When 2015 graduates handle recruitment procedures, they must provide original and copy materials of their graduate and degree diploma, and relevant information must be in accordance with the information they registered, or they will not be recruited. Employers will have six months’ probation, and it will be 12 months for 2015 graduates. If they pass the assessment after probation, they will get job orientation and rank; If they fail in the assessment, recruitment qualification will be canceled and relation of employment will be terminated.
5. Avoidance
Applicants who have marriage bonds, direct blood relatives, collateral relatives within three generations or close relatives by marriage with principles of public institutions can’t apply the accounting posts and position which have direct leadingship.
If principals of public recruitment wok and related staff who have above relationship with applicants, or other situation may affect the fairness of recruitment should be avoided.
6. Recruitment Consulting Telephone
Yancheng Tinghu District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau 0515-66691261
Human Resources and Social Security Service Center of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology 0515-66693813   0515-66692813
7. Supervision of Recruitment
Commission of Discipline Inspection of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center will have whole-process supervision of public institution recruitments work’
Contacts Xu Zhongshan, Contact number 0515-66692807 
                                                                                                                                   Leading Group Office of Recruitment of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jun 8th, 2015