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Bidding Announcement of Xinmin Village Tap Water Pipe Installment Project

     To further standardize bidding procedure of construction project, and accelerate major project construction process, we will have a open bidding for Xinming village in Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center tap water pipe installment project. The details are as follows:

    1. Yancheng Tianping Construction Supervision Co., Ltd entrusted by the tenderee will take charge of the project bidding matters.

    2. Qualification requirements for applicants.

    (1) Tenderer qualification grade: General contracting of municipal public engineering project Level 3 or above issued and awarded by construction administrative department, have safety license, and should be independent legal entity enterprise.

    (2) Project manager Qualification Grade: Project manager should be the employee in the bidding applicants company with safety license (B type) and construction qualification level 3 or above. Small Project Management Certification should be provided if project manager of Level 3 applies for the project; Constructor of municipal public engineering project registered certificate or temporary certificate should be provided and without construction in process currently when project manager of level 2 applies for the project.(If there are complaints, respondents should provide written document to prove the project manager has no construction in process issued by construction administrative department of the project site)

    Tenderer should provide real and valid original certificate or the copy with official seal for check when the bidding opens.

    Enterprises qualifies for the requirements above can register. Bring the original of enterprise introduction letter and identity card when register.

    4. Registration address: Yancheng Tianping Construction Supervision Co., Ltd (East 5th Floor of A Area of Guofeishangcheng, No. 14 Middle Youth Road, Yancheng). Contactor: Zhou Leiming, Telephone: 15295318333. Registration Time: 8:30 Sep 29th – 17:00 Oct 6th, 2015 (Holidayendlessly).


                                                                                                                                             Sep 29th, 2015