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Yancheng: Third-party “Technology Replacing Operation” Pollution Treatment Pattern Becomes National-Level Pilot

    Oct. 23 news of Xinhua Nanjing (Wang Wei, Wu Hao), on Aug 17, National Development and Reform Commission sent a letter to show agreement that Nanjing University Research Institution of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City would set pilot of industrial sewage centralized treatment and “mosaic” comprehensive environment service, which marks that third-party “Technology replacing operation” patter initiated by YCEPSTC has turned into national pilot.
    Document sent by National Science and Technology Department on 9th October affirms that YCEPSTC is national high and new technology industrialized base of atmosphere pollution prevention and treatment. This is one more national approval for atmosphere treatment of YCEPSTC after Chinese Academy of Sciences delegating haze treatment projects including haze, smog, acid rain causes and control to YCEPSTC.
    Recently, Zhu Kejiang, the secretary of municipal party and governor of municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, stated when he investigated in YCEPSTC that according to municipal party committee decision and arrangement of promoting green development, building Yancheng new landmark industrial leading position, Tinghu District and the center implement intensively, strive for constructing day and night under the support of relevant departments, thus creating a favorable situation of projects increasing, construction accelerating, level enhancing, and supporting facilities starting. The center is becoming an important landmark and transformation coordinate with its competence and impact keeping strengthening.
    Within a month after enterprise restructuring , the orders increase with 0.16 billion yuan
    Since this year, under the guidance of green development, according to the requirement “focusing of atmosphere prevention and treatment, accelerating developing energy conservation and environment protection industry, implementing industry-wide arrangement, creating a domestic first-class Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center, driving the formation of hundred-million-level energy conservation and environment protection industry”, under the economic downturn pressure keeping and increasing, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center still has a strong green development. Where does the development drive from? The development strategy of Party Working Committee of the center is to insist “industrialized direction, market mechanism, international vision, capitalized operation”, and realize a great-leap-forward development. Enterprises is the principal of transformation and upgrading, and serving enterprises is not only helping handle procedures, but also touching the inherent rule of economic development. At the beginning of last year, according to the requirement of municipal government’s main leaders, the center implemented independent brand, independent intellectual property rights, and independent research and development group, the three independent transformation and upgrading project in enterprises. Regarding the project as the chance, a multitude of enterprises started transformation development.     
    Jiangsu Ziguang Company is local leading enterprise, after signing Share Purchase Agreement with central listed company CPI Yuanda Co., Ltd., its problems on market, capital, and technology have been effectively solved. After Yuanda Company has holdings, 80% steel structure production of its original desulfurization and denitration devices is transferred to Ziguang Company. According to overall planning of CPI Yuanda Co., Ltd., Ziguang Company will keep expanding and achieve 2 billion Yuan in the 13th “five-year plan.”
    Vice-general Manager of Jiangsu Ziguang Company Tan Jianzhong stated that, after regrouping with central enterprises, Ziguang also turned to central enterprise from private enterprise. Technology, qualification, and achievements of Yuanda Company can be used by Ziguang, thus allowing Ziguang to compete with domestic and international first-class large-scale environmental enterprises, solving the troublesome access threshold problem. Tang Jianzhong said, “After our company regrouped with the central company Yuanda, under the pull of central brand, the competence of Ziguang Company has been improved significantly. We have the order of 0.16 billion yuan in hand within a month after regrouping.”
    Refreshing international minimum dust emission record and realizing “Almost zero emissions”
    Energy conservation and environmental protection industry is a sunrise industry, promoting green development and benefiting people’s livelihood.
    In recent years, Yancheng adheres to scientific development idea and environmental protection responsibility awareness, sticks to take energy conservation and environmental protection industry as preferential direction of Yancheng transformation and development, accelerates construction of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center, and strives to realize the development goal “a center changes a city”.
    The first domestic gaze research and development and industrialization base—Jiangsu Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center keeps improving. According to dust removal device annual operation report sent form Hubei Yangxinwashi Cement Plant, four desulfurization and denitration dust removal devices constructed by Ziguang Company which locates in Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center have collected 110.4-ton dust, and 375-ton sulfide and nitric oxide after one-year operation. The chief expert of Yancheng-Fudan University Atmosphere Pollution Prevention and Control center, and the chief engineer of Shanghai Environment Testing Center, Fu Qingyan said, “If the pollution is sent out to the air, at least 1500 sq. sk gaze and large area acid rain will form.”
    Recently, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center devotes to development of four industries including atmosphere treatment, water pollution treatment, solid waste treatment and green construction materials, and takes atmosphere treatment as the main direction.
    Gaze treatment devices constructed by the center have been widely used in thermal power, chemical engineering, steel, tobacco, glass industries. According to statistics, last year, the amount of dust collected from the air had totally achieved 2300 tons, and 60 tons per day.
    Lately, news from Hebei Guohuasanhe Power Plant, shows that the density of the dust discharged by the plant is less than 1 milligram per standard cubic meter, refreshing the international minimum dust emission record, and realizing the real “Near zero emissions”. It is the contribution of wet dust remover produced by Yancheng Feida Company. Some experts estimated that, it makes efficient and clean use of coal come true, and our fume removal technology has achieved international leading level. Now, the company has been entrusted by National Electric Precipitation Committee, compiling the book Coal-fired Power Plant Ultra-low Emission of Fume Technology to regulate industrial market, which will lead electric precipitation industry of the center to “position in a high-end”.
    Recently, 23 key universities and institutions such as Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences and hundreds industrial well-known enterprises have located in Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center, becoming national gaze treatment research and development and manufacture base of highest aggregation and largest share, ranking in the most competitive Chinese environmental protection industry park, presenting a good situation of accelerating development, aggregating development and innovating development, which promotes Yancheng industry upgrading and city transformation, and makes contribution to construct a beautiful city. 
    Yancheng environmental pollution treatment pattern has been included in the list of national 10 pilots 
    On Aug 17, National Development and Reform Commission sent the document “Agreement on Third-party Treatment Company of Environmental Pollution”, agreeing that Nanjing University Research Institution of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center develops pilot of industrial sewage centralized treatment and “mosaic” comprehensive environment service which marks that third-party “Technology replacing operation” pattern initiated by the center has turned into national-level pilot. It is the first list approved by National Development and Reform Commission, only including 10 units after the State Council promoted environmental pollution third-party treatment the end of last year.   
    “Recently, the third-party operation is promoted in service industry at national and governmental level, and our pattern mainly refers to environmental protection treatment devices, making professional people do professional things, mainly showed in science and technology creation and management creation, which creates a new service concept and mode.” The vice president of Nanjing University Environmental Protection Technology and Engineering Institute, Dai Jianjun, expressed that the third-party “Technology replacing operation” pattern would bring three advantages: first, entity responsibility of environmental protection enterprises doesn’t change. Due to delegation pattern before, three parties’ subject of responsibility, operation enterprises and law enforcement departments may pass the buck to each other. However, “Technology replacing operation” pattern provides plant-resident technicians service to support enterprises in technology, guarantee achieving standard emission; second, interest is not involved. Traditional service pattern charges according to treatment capacity, in order to save the coat, treatment party may deal with the emission without meeting the standard or discharge furtively. While “Technology replacing operation” pattern charges relatively fixed technology service fees, and it doesn’t take specific treatment capacity into consideration, thus avoiding treatment enterprises’ pursuing for benefit maximization; third, it is beneficial for cultivating local or corporating professional environmental protection talents. “Technology replacing operation” pattern provides professional managers and technical experts, and the operation pattern is still enterprise staff based, helping enterprise deal with pollution and cultivating and promoting staff’s technological level.
    The academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Meng Wei, evaluated Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Center that it has been unique national environmental protection technology research and development base, environmental protection standard setting base, environmental protection aggregative base, and environmental service output base.