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Mark of Green Transformation “New Landmark”--Record of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City’s Building New Industrial Leading Position

    YCEPSTC received the plaque of National High and New Technology Industrialized Base of Atmosphere Pollution Prevention and Treatment from National Science and Technology Department on 13th November. It is another national level approval for YCEPSTC in after Chinese Academy of Sciences delegating haze treatment projects including haze, smog, acid rain causes and control to the park.
    On the Fourth China Yancheng International Environmental Protection Industry Expo from Nov.6 to 8, North European Clean Technology Alliance-China (Yancheng) Environmental Protection Cooperation Center was inaugurated. YCEPSTC signed 13 projects contract with leading enterprises and science and research institutes such as University of Minnesota, Japanese Loto Group etc, in national and international environmental protection industry and the total investment is 4.2 billion Yuan, covering a number of areas of research and development and manufacture of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, including creation platforms of top science and research institutes and international leading technology. 
    On Oct. 11, with 1 billion ground source energy air conditioner integrated equipment project invested by China Ground Source Energy Industry Group Limited, 1 billion atmosphere treatment research and development and core equipment manufacture project invested by the listed company, Environmental Protection Tech Co., Ltd have broken ground in Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City the same time. 32 major projects including National Murcury Pollution Prevention and Treatment Center, Environmental Protection Material Trading Market, Southwest Jiaotong University Rail Transit Center etc, are accelerated.
    Moreover, from this year, the City has created many “China’s First”: the first denitration project of glass industry is completed; the first tunnel cleaning trolley in China is put into service; the world’s first megawatts unit super cleaning electrostatic fabric filter projects is put into operation; the world’s biggest denitration catalyst recovery plant goes into operation etc.
With increasing “China’s first”, the new economic growth point featured by atmosphere treatment, the whole industrial chain of environmental protection aggregates rapidly in Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City which is located at the shore of Yellow Sea.
    Implement “going out” strategy; Make an “national team” of environmental protection
    With accelerating global economy integration and the implementation of national “going out” strategy, environmental protection industry is facing more fierce national and international competence. To this issue, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City calls on enterprises to increase input, thus meeting national and international challenges with high and mid grade technology. Especially, as the host “national team”, YCEPSTC holds the annual International Environmental Protection Expo to develop deep cooperation with leaders in environmental protection industry from all over the world.
    Located in the south of Environmental Protection Avenue, Longking-Coalogix Environmental Protection Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise cofounded by Fujian Longking Environmental Protection Company and American Coalogix Company in January, 2013. The company is specialized in denetration catalyst regeneration, exhausts catalyst treatment, catalyst performance test and denetration technology consultant service etc and also the biggest denetration catalyst regeneration plant, and has been the national industrial standard maker. With  adequate orders and high profit margin, the company is preparing to put the second production line into operation recently.  
Meanwhile, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City is accelerating international cooperation. Cohen Group is the local enterprise of the listed company Keda Clean Energy Co., Ltd. It had diversified cooperation with America Combustion Company and Denmark Company on projects contract model and technological support last year. Establishing Cohen desulfuration and denitration turnkey company with Grade One qualification, its business has expanded to 29 countries and regions within less than 1 year.
     From this year, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City has been reinforcing deep negotiation on international projects including American Kennametal, British City Technology Company, New Zealand Greentech Company, and Japanese EM Company etc. Taking the annual International Environmental Protection Expo as a platform, the City elaborately plans joint funding and cooperation with over 20 countries and regions such as America, Japan, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tai Wan etc, accelerates close industry-university-research cooperation with more than 30 universities including Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University, Tsinghua University and so on, and speeds up to construct six international clean technology joint centers of China-Denmark, China-Netherlands, China-Germany, China-South Korea, and China-Japan, thus promoting the upgrading of environmental protection industry.
    Implement whole industrial chain pattern; environmental protection service industry rises rapidly
On Aug 17, National Development and Reform Commission sent the Response Letter on Agreeing Third-party Management Units of Environmental Protection, approving Nanjing University Research Institute in Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City to develop pilot on centralized industrial sewage management and “mosaic” comprehensive environment service in Jiangsu Coastal Industrial Park, which means that the third-party “Technology replacing operation” pattern initiated by Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City has turned into national level pilot. It is the first list National Development and Reform Commission approved which only includes 10 units after the State Council promoting environmental pollution third-party treatment the end of last year.   
     “Unlike ordinary manufacturing industry which can manufacture only with equipments, environmental industry mainly relies on skills and technology. In order  to lead in environmental protection industry, the City  must lead in technology and talents first.” principal of theCity holds the opinion that as for environmental protection industry, a tridimensional technological talents structure will make the City develop from focusing on atmosphere management to overall development of environmental protection industrial chain. 
With this thought, 23 world top research and development institutions such as Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Earth Environment, Institute of Urban Environment, Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing Comprehensive Research Center, Tsinghua University, and University of Minnesoda etc has settled in the City, attracting 12 academicians like Meng Wei, Zhang Quanxin etc, nine international famous experts like Pei Youkang, George Alanson etc and “Thousands Talents Plan” talents.
Great driving force will be transformed by combination of science and technology and talents. A batch of technology-based enterprises of high technology, fast development, and strong innovative ability develop rapidly.
    Lately, news comes from Hebei Guohuasanhe Power Plant that density of the dust discharged by the plant is less than 1 milligram per standard cubic meter, refreshing the international minimum dust emission record, realizing the real “Near zero emissions”. It is the contribution of wet dust remover produced by Yancheng Feida Company. Some experts estimated that, it makes efficient and clean use of coal come true, and our fume removal technology has achieved international leading level. Now the company has been entrusted by National Electric Precipitation Committee to compile the book Coal-fired Power Plant Ultra-low Emission of Fume Technology to regulate industrial market, which will lead electric precipitation industry of the center in a high-end.
    Technology and talents are just part of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City marching to environmental service industry. Recently, relying on current advantages, six environmental service platforms including environmental technology service, production exhibition and exchange, trade and finance support, popularization of functional application, turnkey project of facility operation, and consultant and inspection and training are being constructed, and a batch of new creative platforms aiming at specialization, platformization, and standardization have been completed in succession.
    Implement “three-independence” Project; transformation and upgrading keep powering
As enterprises are the subject of transformation and upgrading, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City it is necessary to obey economy development law for the existing enterprises to develop stronger. Early last year, the park elaborately organized “there-independence” of independent brand, independent intellectual property and independent research and development group transformation and upgrading projects among the existing enterprises. Taking this opportunity, many enterprises are promoted to transformation development.
Gaohe Group introduced five-doctor’s group including Zhao Enhai from American Semiconductor Company, and established Yancheng Huizhong New Energy Source Company to independently design and develop the international advanced new products “Endurance Bao”, “Charging Companion”. The products have solved problem in new energy automobile endurance and power battery ladder-form utilization, extending battery life by 50% and increasing the cruising power by more than 52%. The company was rewarded “2015 Anyong-Fuda Chinese Most Potential Enterprise”.
    Jiangsu Ziguang Company is a local leading enterprise. With promotion of “Three-independence”, it signed Share Purchase Agreement with central listed company CPI Yuanda co., Ltd on Jun. 15. Its problems of market, capital, and technology have been effectively solved. After Yuanda Company holdings, 80% steel structure production of its original desulfurization and denitration devices were transferred to Ziguang Company, and its five electric power companies’ dust removing equipment market was open to Ziguang Company. With the driving force of central brand, Ziguang Company became more  competitive; orders were gained rapidly amounting to 0.12 billion after a month of reconstruction. According to overall planning of CPI Yuanda Co., Ltd, Ziguang Company will keep expanding and achieve 2 billion Yuan by the end of 13th “five-year plan.”
Reconstruction has brought numerous effects to enterprises. Recently recombination has been carried out between Cohen Group and the listed company Keda Clean Energy, Water Business Doctor and American company Enry, Tonghe Company and Germany company Reis, and Guoai Company and Siemens. These companies obtained new competitive advantages by relying on the powerful companies and alliances. 
    In order to solve the capital problem, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City introduced two environmental protection industry development funds Beijing Fengyang and Shanghai Jinshi firstly in the province. The first phase is 1.3 billion, mainly serving enterprises in the City. Recently the two funds have provided 0.6 billion Yuan for transition, pushing the deep integration between industry and finance, and injecting new driving force to the growth of many enterprises.