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Chinese Environmental Protection Industry is On the Way to Be Abroad

    The Forth Session of China Yancheng International Environmental Protection Industry Export was held in Yancheng recently. “It has been an irresistible trend for environmental protection industry to go abroad.” said Li Pei, the deputy director of foreign Economic Cooperation Office of Environmental Protection Ministry, on Environmental Protection Export.
The annual average increase of energy-saving environmental protection industry is above 15% and the scale of industry is increasing these years. The gross output of energy-saving environmental protection industry is expected to be 530 million, which grosses over the 450- million-the 15th- Year Plan- target. One Belt and One Road was carried out in 2013 and Chinese environmental protection industry is on the way to go abroad to enjoy the important opportunity.
     “Chinese environmental protection industry has the advantage of low cost, good effect and strong-applicable technology, which is lacked of in the developing countries along One Belt and One Road where the economy development, environment pollution and ecological degradation is facing many challenge.” said Li Pei, “There is huge market demanding of energy-saving environmental protection.”
    More powerful domestic environmental protection enterprises show up in international market. Integrated water treatment equipment made in China provides clean drinking water for UN peace-keeping force and Chinese waste incineration power generation enterprise provides operation service in America, Signpost, and Thailand.
     “Although there are many successful cases of environmental protection industry going abroad, it is still lack of the ability to developing abroad with a system. It is mainly based on products and equipment but short of service, environmental idea, system, technology standard.” Li Pei said, “because of which, foreign Economic Cooperation Office of Environmental Protection Ministry starts the construction of environmental protection technology international smart platform, which will push the development of environmental protection to go abroad, bring in and industrialize.
Yancheng is the connecting point of One Belt and One Road and Yangzi River Economic Zone. Yancheng will push the international cooperation by taking advantage of its location advantage. Environmental Protection Export built up an international energy-saving environmental protection industry developing platform for Yancheng. During the export, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City signed 13 projects, which covers research and manufacture in many fields.