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31 Provinces Make Up Mind to Treat Haze Environmental Protection Index Will Probably Be Written into the 13th-Five-Year-Plan

    When the environmental protection problem is becoming more conspicuous recently, environmental protection has been a social hot issue and the focus of attention of the Representatives of National People's Congress and the members of CPPCC. Hence it is predicted that environmental protection will also be one of the hot issues in 2016 the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.
    Li Keqiang,Premier of the State Council,delivered REPORT ON THE WORK OF THE GOVERNMENT at the Third Session of the 12th National People's Congress which said that a target of a 3.1% energy intensity cut or above was set in 2015 economic and social development. It was the first time for ecological environmental protection to be one of the main predicted targets.  
    Two Sessions in 31 Provinces Referred to Environmental Protection and Specific Objectives Were Put Forwards in Some Places.
    2016 provincial two sessions were ended not long ago. According to the reporters, Reports on the Work of Government in 31 provinces referred to gas pollution treatment, which is a major livelihood issue attracting high attention from the society.
    Beijing, Tianjin, Hebi, Shanghai, Anhui and seven other provinces put forward clearly that the cutting target of PM2.5 density and pollutant emission amount is the index of good air quality.
    Hebei was the most determined to treat haze that PM 2.5 density would be decreased by 40% compared with that in 2013 and not be a member of the 10 Cities with the Worst Air Quality during the 13th-Five-Year Plan. 
    Fine particulate matter density will drop by 5% in Beijing, the PM2.5 density will decrease by 25% compared with that in 2015 in Tianjing, and PM2.5 density will drop to 42mg/cubic meter in 2020 in Shanghai.
    Speaking of haze, Guo Jinlong, Beijing Municipal Party Secretary, felt stressed. He said in a humorous way that it was difficult to sleep when air quality was beyond warning line. He also expressed that we should have expected on ecological environment and Beijing should insist on green development.
    Without doubt, haze is the focus of representatives and main working part of 2016 or even the whole 13th-Five-Year-Plan period.
    The Achievements of Environmental Protections in 2015: All-round Cooperation Contributed to the Announcement of New Law
    The government has been working hard on environment pollution issue. The Law about Prevention and Treatment of Air Pollution was carried out on January 1st this year.
    It is said that the amount of regulations in the Law about Prevention and Treatment of Air Pollution, which was edited after 27 years, doubles. And it encourages public interest litigation from the folk and responsibility investigation for heavy pollution.
    At the same time, New Environmental Protection Law, which was called the strictest law ever, was carried out on January 1st, 2015 and it was trusted. Further measures were put forward after that.
    Chen Jining, the director of Environmental Protection Ministry, said that a good law could not just be paper tiger and it should be a good tool, which relies on execution and implementation.
    At the end of November, 2015, 15,800,000 enterprises were inspected, 51,000 of which were illegally discharged and 734,000 were illegally construction.
    Comprehensive inspection organized by Environmental Protection Ministry was carried out in 33 cities and persons in charge from 15 cities said that a group of serious problems were solved out.
    These data indicated that new Environmental Protection plays an important role in environment treatment and new Law about Prevention and Treatment of Gas Pollution was also carried out.
    It is said that Law about Prevention and Treatment of Water Pollution and Solid Treatment has been on the plan.
    New Expectations from Two Sessions in 2016—Achievements on Environmental Protection Supervision
    Zhong Nanshan, the deputy to the National People's Congress and director of Guangzhou Respiratory Diseases Research Institute, predicted at Two Sessions last year that haze problem could be solved in ten years if the government was determined.
    As a medical expert, he pointed out that solid and water pollution should also be paid highly attention besides gas pollution.
    Gao Jixi, a member of the national committee of CPPCC and the director of Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, MEP, compared to gas pollution which had drawn highly attention, water and solid pollution was even worth attention.
    Therefore, Feng Jia, member of Chinese Society of Environmental Science Environmental Protection Law Brunch, said the effect of law was outstanding in 2015 which contributed to the implementation by local government.
    He also said that the hot topic of 2015 New Environmental Protection was also a creation. Information publicity was carried out better than that was done a few years ago along and it did not achieve the requirement of law.

    Feng Jia also has full expectation for Two Sessions in 2016 and he said the highlight of the newly announced law was that National People’s Congress could supervise on local government to protect environment, which should be taken good use of.