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Soil Problem Has Become the Key Part of Environment;Legislation on Soil Pollution Depends on Its Operability

    Soil pollution is extremely easy to be ignored because of its concealment, however, it is very dangerous. No matter vegetables, rice, or drinking water, they all have close connection with soil environment. Legislation on soil pollution prevention and treatment has been on and The Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Soil Pollution is going to be issued. The quality of water and rice can’t be guaranteed until soil problem is solved.
    Ministry of Environmental Protection established Departments of Water, Air, and Soil Environmental Management and made laws to prevent soil pollution. What have been issued in March have relationship with soil, especially that Yuan Si, the vice chairman of NPC Environmental and Resources Committee, said the first of suggestion draft of The Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Soil Pollution would be carried out this year and delivered to NPC next year. “Soil is the skin of the earth and it is emergency to prevent pollution.” Said Zhou Jianming, a member of the national committee of CPPCC and Dean of Nanjing Branch of The Chinese Academy of Science, “ There will be no safe vegetables, rice or water without good soil.”
    Good ecology can only be achieved if water, air and soil are all be treated. It is easy to see foggy days and polluted water, but it is not easy to see soil pollution so that it is also the most overlooked one. Zhou Jianming said soil pollution is the most dangerous one and its effect lasts the longest. As for ecological environmental protection, none of air, water, or soil is available. It is important to value these three parts at the same level.
    Water, air, and soil affect each other. Water pollution will affect the safety of soil; while once soil is polluted, the dust will affect the quality of air. Besides soil pollution will cause effect on agriculture safety, diversity of biology and eventually on the whole chain of ecology industry. 
    It is said the Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Soil Pollution is going to be announced by Ministry of Environmental Protection and the main parts for soil treatment are controlling risk, adjusting application and carrying out new restoration. The soil quality in Jiangsu is stable on the whole and diagnosis and treatment are carried out. 
    The Third Soil Survey is Going to be Started
    So how is the soil safety in China? Is there any overall survey? Zhou Jianming said no, “There is no official date and the soil survey is extremely urgent. He said there were two soil survey after the foundation of China. The first one was in 1950s, and the date was very limited; the second one was in 1980, whose date were scale and covered almost China. We have no clear reorganization of soil quality due to history problems.
    “It has been thirty years since the last soil survey, and the changes during the thirty years have caused deep effect on soil quality.” Zhou Jianming said the former date can not show us the recent situation of soil quality. He also said soil on the whole was safe and there is no need to be afraid.
    80% and Above Soil in China is Still Clean
    As for legislation on prevention and treatment of soil, Zhou Jianming suggested that the key is highlighting lawmaking and increasing quality of soil. He also said that the Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Soil should focus on the following parts: first, insist on prevention initially and combine with treatment. 80% and above of soil in China is clean so that keeping clean soil from polluted is the base of prevention and treatment of soil pollution.
    Second, keep food safety and human health as target, fulfill monitor and evaluation system of environment quality. The key is to solve the problem of soil risk evaluation, treatment and restoration for systematic management.
    Third, how to carry out a law depends on its operability. Zhou Jianming suggested that the weak parts of separated legislation should be upgraded by designing soil protection law specifically.

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