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President of Sino-Germany Environmental Protection Technology Company Visited YCEPSTC

    On the evening of Dec 27th , a delegation from Sino-Germany Environmental Protection Technology Company led by Chen Zefeng, president of the company, visited Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City(YCEPSTC). The delegation was received by Zhang Hongchun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Tinghu District Committee, Mayor of Tinghu District. Zhang Lihua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Tinghu District Committee, Secretary of YCEPSTC CPC Work Committee, as well as Sun Changming, Deputy Mayor of Tinghu District accompanied the delegation. 

    Sino-Germany Environmental Protection Technology Company is one of the leading companies in China’s environmental protection industry. It specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of medical wastes and household wastes. Through years of constant efforts, the company achieved major technological breakthrough in areas including manufacturing of garbage incinerator and enjoys multiple national-level patents in technological invention. In July 2007, the company went public on Frankford Stock Exchange and became the first Chinese company listed on the main index of German Stock Exchange. 

    Zhang Hongchun extended warm welcome to the delegation and expressed appreciation for the constant attention and support from entrepreneurs like Chen Zefeng, who endeavors to promote the development of environmental industry. He said that, the development of environmental industry in Tinghu and the growth of YCEPSTC are results of efforts from all parties. In particular, the entrepreneurs in the environmental industry  contributed to not only the progress of Tinghu and YCEPSTC, but also to the building of eco-friendly society. Zhang Hongchun made the commitment that Tinghu District will further enhance connection and communication among entrepreneurs in environmental industry to attract more top and leading environmental enterprise to invest and grow in Tinghu.  
    The district aims to provide efficient and effective support for settled enterprises in policy, approval procedures, financing, loaning and credits, so as to better assist them to grow in Tinghu. At the same time, the District will scale up its support to local enterprises like Haiying Group, to improve its overall strength, upgrade its branding strategy, and enhance its market competitiveness. It will encourage exchange and cooperation between Haiying Group and other enterprises and provide funding support to environmental enterprises. 

    Chen Zefeng was very impressed by the strong industrial competence, unique geographical position, rich resources and the favorable investment environment enjoyed by Tinghu District. He was especially inspired by the progress and potential demonstrated by the YCEPSTC. He said that his trip to Tinghu offered him an opportunity to better understand environmental industry in Tinghu and the YCEPSTC. Through deep communication and exchange with leaders and relevant stakeholders in Tinghu, he believes that there is vast room for cooperation to contribute to the in the future .