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Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City: Stability and Reaching Destination Cultivates New Growth Power

    Document, issued by National Science and Technology Ministry on Oct. 9th, affirms that Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City is the national hi-tech industrialization base of atmosphere pollution prevention and treatment equipment.
    On Oct 10th and 11th, 1 billion of ground source energy air conditioner integrated equipment project invested by China Ground Source Energy Industry Group Limited, and 1 billion atmosphere treatment research and development and core equipment manufacture project invested by the listed company, Environmental Protection Tech Co., Ltd have broken earth in Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City in succession.  
    Meantime, the 32 major projects including Environmental Protection Industry Zhongchuang Center, Environmental Protection Material Trading Market, Southwest Jiaotong University Rail Transit Center etc., are accelerating.
    “Recently, following the requirements making contributions to stable growth, demonstrating for green transformation, and adding splendor to municipal development, we are now vigorously advocating work orientation “where there is a will, there’s a way, and if do, do well”, to carry out current issues intensively and fight in the forth quarter. On Oct 11th, principal of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City introduced that, from the beginning of this year, 26 projects above 100 million investments have been constructed, 19 projects above 100 million investments have been signed. During the former 9 months, 3 enterprises which are above designated level are added, and the rate of achieving general financial revenue, general public budget, above designated level enterprises invoicing have increased respectively 16.9%,20.5% and 19%. Under economic downturn pressure, a multitude of new economic growth points featuring atmosphere treatment and environmental service are gathering here quickly.
    Only consolidate the stock, increment will increase for real. Holding the stock firmly, promoting the enterprises enlarging and strengthening is the most practical and effective means for Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City to realize steady growth.
     “Bad economic situation provides recombination opportunity for enterprises which are healthy and adapted to the market.” In the morning of Oct 11th, Tang Jianzhong, vice general manager of Jiangsu Ziguang Company expressed that, “after we recombine with the central enterprise CPI Yuanda Environmental Protection (Group) Co., Ltd, the total increased orders have reached 0.12 billion. From Jan. to Sep. sales of invoicing has 23% year-on-year growth. According to overall planning of Yuanda, Ziguang Company will keep expanding the scale, planning to reach 2 billion at the end of the “13th five-year plan.” Jiangsu Ziguang Company is the local leading enterprise. After signing Share Purchase Agreement with Yuanda Company, the central and listed enterprise on Jun. 15th, Ziguang Company’s difficulties on market, capital, and technology have been effectively resolved. After Yuanda Company holdings, its 80% steel structure business of desulfurization and denitrification device is transferred to Ziguang Company to be produced instead of outsourcing.
    Just like Ziguang Company, recombination is carried out between companies, such like Kexing Group and the listed company Keda Clean Energy, Water Business Doctor and American company Enry, Tonghe Company and Germany Company Reis, and Guoai Company and Siemens. These companies obtain new competitive advantages by relying on the powerful companies and alliances. 
    It has been an effective means for Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City to realize steady economic growth by major projects to expand economic increment.
    Facing new situation of economic downturn, all departments of municipal, Tinghu District, and Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City devote to better serving projects construction, promoting development of enterprises. Total investment of Jiangsu Kewei environmental instrument control equipment project located in Jing Road 1 is 0.28 billion, which was put into operation on Sep. 22, 28 days ahead of prospected time. “From the commencement of the project, service group of Environmental Protection Science and Technology City never left, undertaking all issues from taking steps to mediating local conflicts.” Tang Hongbo, chairman of the company said, “The estimated invoicing sale of the fourth quarter will be 7 million. It is certain that our company will be above designated size enterprise.   
    Jiangsu Longking Coalogix Environmental Protection Co., Ltd located on the south side of Environmental Protection Revenue incorporated by Fujian Longking Environmental Protection Company and American Coalogix Company in Jan, 2013. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in denitration catalyst regeneration, obsolete catalyst treatment, catalyst performance test and denitration technology consultation service, and also the biggest catalyst regeneration company, which has become the national industrial standard setter. “From the operation in July this year, orders obtained have reached 0.3 billion, for which workers have been busy with delivering  day and night. Recently, relevant municipal and district departments are helping us consummate some procedures, and the second production line is planned to be started in Nov.” Principal of the company, He Fei said.
    According to the introduction, Environmental Protection Industry Zhongchuang Center will open to public at the end of Oct, IHEP of Chinese Academy of Science, National Demercuration Center, the first domestic Wisdom Environmental Protection Cloud Platform will go into operation at the end of Oct; Huanbo, Jianzhong, Lanfeng, second period project of Feida will go into trial operation at the end of Dec. Another 13 projects will be completed, which include 10 industry projects and 3 service industry projects.
     “Early Oct. our investment attracting group went to the Minnesota University to have the second round negotiation on road dust and vehicle exhaust treatment projects. Additionally, we reinforced the deep negotiation of international projects with America Kennametal Stellite, Britain Citytech Company, New Zealand Greentech Company, and Japan EM Joint-stock Company. Two major international projects will be signed in the IE Expo held early Nov.” Cheng Erchang, director of Investment Bureau of Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City introduced that, as we accelerate international cooperation pace, we also promote signing cooperation contracts with Hongkong Hengyue, Institute of High Energy Physics, Anhui Shengyun, Beijing Lvchuang, Guangdong Shundeshunyan, Qingdao Huashijie, striving for attracting 10 projects above 100million by the end of the year.”
     “The core of improving industry quality and effectiveness is innovation drive, and the essence of innovation is talents. If Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City intends to develop to the leading place, it must fully master the technology and talents.” Under the train of thought, 23 national level research and development institutions such as Institute of High Energy, Institute of Process Engineering, Institute of Urban Environment, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, and Beijing Comprehensive Research Center etc. located in the center attracting 12 academicians like Meng Wei, Zhang Quanxin, nine international famous experts and “Thousands Talents Plan” talents.
    Combination of technology and talents will transform into huge impetus. A batch of scientific and technological enterprises with high technology, fast development, and strong innovation power expand rapidly. Gaohe Group introduced, the five-Doctor-group including Doctor Zhao Enhai from America Semiconductor Company, and set up Huizhong New Energy Company, which independently designs and develops the international advanced new products “Endurance Bao”, “Charging Companion”. The enterprise has solved new energy automobile endurance problem and power battery ladder-form utilization problem, extending the battery life by 50% and increasing the cruising power by more than 52%. It achieves “2015 Anyong-Fuda Chinese Most Potential Enterprise”. “Huizhong Company increases 27 million sales, completing the year round target in advance.” Secretary of directorate, Wang Yue’e said.
    In order to solve financial problem that restrict enterprises development, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City introduced two environmental protection industry development funds, Beijing Fengyang and Shanghai Jinshi first in the province. The first phrase scale is 1.3 billion, mainly serving enterprises in Environmental Protection Science and Technology City and promoting the deep fusion between industry and finance.



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