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The Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Soil Pollution probably Get Effect Instantly The Field of Soil Remediation Is Full of Potentials

    Besides gas pollution and water pollution, the problem of soil pollution has become the hot topic recently. In accordance with the announcement of The Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment, soil remediation industry accounts for very little parts in the whole environmental protection industry, however, it is likely to develop fast with the development of soil legislation.
The development of environmental protection industry is subject to policies. Policies for soil remediation, a brunch of environment protection, are positive in the field. The value of soil remediation mainly focuses on the following three aspects, namely remediated by real estate and agriculture and pollution remediation of mine dangerous goods. Under such background, listed companies in related field are keeping up the pace of  development.
    According to certain analysts, the fight for soil pollution treatment and prevention is going to start with the announcement of The Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Soil Pollution during the 13th-Five-Year-Plan.

    It is the beginning stage for the development of industry.
     “Comprehensive soil pollution investigation, risk evaluation, technology test, and environment quality technological standard have not been established yet. There is a lack of long-term supervision and monitor after pollution treatment and remediation. Lacking of systematic design is the most serious problem that soil remediation industry is facing with.” said Ma Hui, Deputy Secretary General of Environment Chamber of Commerce.
    Soil pollution has become the hottest attention and the problem needed to be solved quickly after gas pollution and water pollution. Chen Jining, the director of Ministry of Environmental Protection, said one of the main tasks this year is to increase environmental protection, carry on The Action for Prevention and Treatment of Gas and Water, put forward tasks specially, and implement the Action for Prevention and Treatment of Soil.
    Liu Zhengjun, the Chairman of Yongqing Environmental Protection Group, said that the two actions got effect instantly. After the announcement of The Action for the Prevention and Treatment of Water pollution, the work in river treatment is increasing. After serious discussion between National Development and Development Commission and Environmental Protection Ministry, it is time for The Action for Prevention and Treatment of Soil to be carried out. There were about 20 companies who worked on soil remediation, the number increased into 500 in 2014 and 900 in 2015
    It is said that the competition pattern in soil remediation industry is relatively dispersion.  It is at the beginning of industry development and there is no company with technology advantage.
    “The value of soil remediation accounts for less than 1% of total environmental protection industry. However it is more than 30% in developed countries. So there remains large developing space in China.” According to Li Junsong
  Agricultural land remediation still needs to be improved
    Comparing to urban brownfield remediation, enterprises show less interest in agricultural land remediation. Chen Jining said, the draft of The Action for Prevention and Treatment of Soil Pollution was mature and it could be issued soon. According to analysts, agricultural land and construction have been the main parts, which will delete the doublet about income of agriculture remediation.
    Besides profit model, capital and technology are also problems for agriculture land remediation. “The marketing of soil remediation is increasing, but the project for cultivated land is developing slowly.” Wei Li said, “It is difficult to put cultivated land remediation into practice, and it is still at the beginning stage.”
    Ma Hui, the deputy secretary of Environmental Protection Chamber of Commerce, said super-scale of soil pollution domestically is up to 18.1%, including 10% and above for cultivate land and grass land.
     “There is little profit from the the projects of cultivate land remediation due to the beginning stage. Cultivate land remediation can bring in profit by remediation, updating, and increasing value.”
  The Action about Increasing Polluted Filed Remediation, put forward by Environment Protection Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that drug regulatory should be enhanced. In order to keep rice, vegetable, and water safe, it should be strict with drug regulatory.
  The Pattern for Brownfields is comparatively clear
    There are three kinds of enterprise getting involved with soil remediation. The first ones are research institutes and universities related with environmental protection, such as Nanjing Bruch of Academy of Science China. The second ones are professional soil remediation enterprises. The third ones are international companies.
    Although there are many partners in this field, it is still the very beginning stage. The only profitable field is brownfield because of its clear profit pattern.
According to Fan Tianli, some brownfields may contain mercury, lead, and some other heavy metal because of the effect from industry production. Sometimes, the pollutant may even exist in soil and water.
    Wei Li said, the development of soil remediation during the last three years was fluctuating, and it dropped obviously in 2014 because of the depression of the whole real estate industry.
     “The amount of contract for soil remediation was 1,274 billion, and it was 2.128 billion in 2015.” According to the date issued by Gao Sheng da.