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Delegation of Hebei Chengde Hi-tech Zone visited YEPSTC


    A delegation of 10 from Hebei Chengde Hi-tech Zone led by Fu Haiwang, Secretary of Working Committee and Director of Administration Committee visited Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City (YEPSTC) on 3rd August. Yang Pingjian, member of Party Committee and Deputy Director of Administration Committee of YEPSTC, as well as Zhao Dahai, Chief of Economic Development Office of YEPSTC received the delegation and exchanged ideas during discussion.

    The delegation visited the YEPSTC Planning Exhibition Center, the Ruisai Environmental Engineering Company of Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CASRS), the Cohen Environmental Protection Company and the Institute of Water Pollution Control of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute. Having seen the progress of the YEPSTC, Director Fu Haiwang was impressed by the City’s strategy and efforts to be among the top eco-industrial parks in China. 

    During discussion, Director Yang Pingjian briefed the delegation the progress, current situation and development strategy of the YEPSTC, while Chief Zhao Dahai shared YEPSTC’s experience in learning from other eco-industrial parks all over China during its early days. On behalf of the Chengde Delegation, Fu Haiwang said that Chengde, as a city of tourism rich in historic and cultural heritage and the origin of mandarin Chinese, has prioritized the development of environmental industry, big data industry and health industry in the city. There remains to be, however, a wide gap between Chengde and YEPSTC in attracting leading enterprises, experts and research institutes. He commented that the Chengde Hi-tech Zone should learn from good principles and practices of YEPSTC in supporting specialized industries, building platforms, and attracting enterpreneur so as to further promote regional economic development.