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Tsinghua University’s First Off-campus State Engineering Lab Launched in YEPSTC

    On the afternoon of November 16th, Tsinghua University-Yancheng Environmental Engineering Technology Research Center including Tsinghua’s fist off-campus state engineering lab, the State Engineering Lab of Smoke Pollutant Control Technology and Equipment, was inaugurated in the YEPSTC. At the launching ceremony, Hao Jiming, Dean of Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, of Tsinghua University and Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering said that Yancheng, as a beautiful city with favorable conditions for development and bright prospects, is an ideal destination for innovation and entrepreneurship. The launching of the Center today marks a new page in the two party’s cooperation and has become the latest model of university-local government cooperation. He hopes to see deeper and more diversified ways of integration of industry, university and research in the future and promises that the Tsinghua University, with its advantages in talents and science, will provide institutional and research support for the building of the center and will focus on the downstream of innovation chain, that is, on the application transfer of research results. 

    The agreement to establish the Lab was signed in March between YEPSTC and the Tsinghua University. The agreement also included the building of a Smoke and Smog Pollution Reduction and Control Technology Research Center at Tsinghua University and an Environmental Engineering Technology Research Center in the YEPSTC. The Research Center in the YEPSTC focuses on new solutions and technology for air pollution control, including research and engineering verification of smoke pollutants control technology and equipment, as well as technical support for enterprises and training of public service talents in coordinated control of smoke and smog pollution. Representative from YEPSTC said that the establishment of the Tsinghua University-Yancheng Environmental Engineering Technology Research Center means that top talents, technology and resources in smoke control of the country and the world have now gathered in the YEPSTC. It demonstrates the City’s specialization in air pollution control and further strengthens the leading role of the YEPSTC in the industry.