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Li Dongcheng Visited YCEPSTC for Inspection on Progress of Key Projects

    On the morning of February 14th, Li Dongcheng, Secretary of Tinghu CPC District Committee lead a delegation to visit the YCEPSTC for inspection on progress of key projects. Zhang Lihua, deputy Secretary of Tinghu CPC District Committee and Secretary of YCEPSTC Party Work Committee, as well as Yin Tongyang, deputy mayor of Tinghu District accompanied the delegation. 

    During the inspection on an electrol-mechanical project, Li Dongcheng learnt that the company can create another 150 job opportunities, realize an annual sales volume of 120 million yuan and make 8 million yuan of tax contribution after the project is established. He encouraged the company to keep up the good work so as to finish the construction of the project as soon as possible. Li Dongcheng also reminded key leaders of the YCEPSTC to fulfill “three services” to support every details of the project construction. Services provided by YCEPSTC for specific projects should be comprehensive, targeted and tailored. Only with in-time services that can help enterprises catch the opportunity, can the construction of projects be efficient and effective.
    The delegation also visited a nuclear project site of CASHH to hear presentation of the project from responsible director. The project is supported by world class R&D and manufacturing capacity for nuclear-level sealing technology. It is also competent in the design, manufacturing and construction of environmental equipment for large nuclear facilities, as well as to run complicated hazardous waste disposal operations. The company is equipped with many patent technology and is dedicated to developing state-owned environmental products. After hearing the presentation, Li Dogncheng requested the project to follow the planned timeframe and to catch the goldenopportunity for construction. Efforts from all parties in terms of staff and materials should be made to accelerate the construction of the project.

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