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Brief Intro

Yancheng Environment Protection Science and Technology City(YEPSTC) is the first environmental protection industrial cluster in China, the first haze treatment R&D and Industrialization base in China, and the most competitive industrial park in environmental protection industry. Since its establishment in year 2009, YEPSTC focuses on the target of “ Top in China and advanced in the world”, takes positive actions in seizing early opportunities, strives with all efforts, insists on driving with innovation and leading with technology, and has successfully attracted more than 100 leading roles in environmental protection industry. Now, it is raised as an environmental protection industrial park featured by the fastest development, the most powerful R&D innovation ability, the most leading companies collected, and the most obvious distinctive element of atmospheric treatment. It has won 24 honors of provincial and the above levels, including “China Environmental Protection Equipment High-new Technology Industry Base”, “China Model Base for New Industrialization”, and “Special Industry Base in China Torque Plan”.

Leading roles of this industry are highly clustered. We insist on introduce large and powerful organizations or high-tech and special businesses. Along Huanbao Avenue in YEPSTC , you can see so many leading corporations are settled one by one. CECT Yuanda, China Ground Source Energy Group CRRC CNBM and such other national state-owned corporations have joined ; those leading businesses, including 24 listed corporations , like Zhejiang Feida , Fujian Longking, Beijing WBD, Beijing Sound, Beijing SPC, and Huangdong Keda, are all settled here; some local enterprises among whom are Cohen, Jidida, Gaohe, Huahui grow up rapidly cooperating with international well-known groups such as American Coalogix, German GEA, Austrian MCI, and Puman from UK. In recent three years, all main indexes of YEPSTC increase quickly including financial revenue, main business revenue, investment on fixed assets, invoice sale of industrial enterprises above designated size. The market share of our smoke-gas treatment equipment manufacturing in China reaches 19.8%; desulfurization and denitrification engineering of cement industry , 41%; and desulfurization and denitrification engineering of glass industry, 90%; Here are 27 enterprises with general contracting ability in BOT and EPC engineering. Their market extends to more than 50 countries and regions among others are USA and Germany.

The innovation ability takes the lead continuously. With persisting in getting a head start and going to high end, the innovation ability of YEPSTC is enhanced continuously. The domestic and international well-known “academies, institutes and universities” such as Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of High Energy Physics, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Institute of Urban Environment, Institute of Earth Environment, CTIEC Environmental Protection Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The University of Melbourne of Australia, and Hiroshima Institute of Technology have settled themselves here in the park (or set up branches), and 25 research and development platforms involving China-EU Environmental Protection Technology Transformation Center, Fudan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Environmental Protection Technology Research and Development Base of Nanjing University have been built up, where18 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and experts of national “Recruitment Program of Global Experts” such as MengWei and HAO Jiming participate. It possesses 11 national enterprise technical centers and 38 high and new technology enterprises of provincial level or above. It forms the technological advantages in the fields of green energy, clean production, regional governance, and new materials, takes the national leading position in the ability of providing the total environmental solution, and especially possesses the core proprietary intellectual property rights in the aspects of clean combustion of coal, catalyst regeneration, membrane technology, and soil remediation . In 2015, YEPSTC independently researched and developed 813 patents for invention (utility model). The high and new technology industry accounted for 42% of general financial revenues, 58% of gross domestic product, and 65% of industrial added value.

The platform construction characteristics are highlighted.We persist in the comprehensive service system and business model innovation, follow the internationalizing development way , and aim at building the core carrier of training and developing the environmental service industry nationwide. With “collaborative innovation” as the leading principle, the elements involving settled enterprises, introduced talents, self-creation technology, and investment and financing capitals are integrated by the collaborative mechanism, and the international environmental governance treatment center and international environmental industrial service center are established by building six support systems such as environmental status evaluation platform, master treatment platform, R&D design platform, engineering operation platform, financial support platform, and third-party governance service warranty platform, so as to provide the systematical complete solution of “examination, governance, treatment and support” for the international and national regional environmental governance. The system of collaborative innovation facilitates the assembly of a group of international top quality resources, gives full play to the fission effect of 1+1>2 in Environmental Protection Science and Technology City, realizes two-way fusion of technological innovation chain and industrial service chain, enhances the sustainable development aftereffect of environmental protection industry fully, and forms the new model of environmental protection industrial development with Yancheng characteristics.

The supporting facilities are perfectly functional. We persist in building up a low carbon demonstration and eco-friendly city, and speed up integrative development of industry and downtown. YEPSTC persists in deepening “Multi-function, and multi-elements compositing” for the buildings and facilities here from four aspects such as land utilization, eco-friendly space, resource utilization, and green transport, with aims at “four cleanliness”, i.e. clean air, clear river channel, neat plant, and refreshing town. The business supporting functions involving environmental protection science and technology industry incubator base, venture capital service center, environmental protection material trading market, and international exhibition trading center meet all-around demands of the industrial development. The life service facilities involving Environmental Protection Experimental School, Vocational and Technical Institute of Environmental Protection, the first low carbon demonstration experience community of China, and Greenland Talent Apartment realize all-around cultivation from elementary school to the university in the park. The infrastructures involving Baoping Lake and Huanbao Avenue manifest the environmental protection characteristics in all aspects, contain the low carbon elements everywhere, to become the national popular science base of environmental protection, and the first environmental protection industrial tourist area of Jiangsu Province.

At the next phase, Environmental Protection Science and Technology City will deem the spirit of important speech by the General Secretary during inspection in Jiangsu as the fundamental compliance, deem the promotion of reform in the supply side as the chance, persist in the industrialization direction, marketization mechanism, international vision and capitalization operation, focus on the air pollution prevention and treatment, carry out the whole industrial layout actively, make efforts to realize the sustainable development of Environmental Protection Science and Technology City, and fully build the national pilot area of environmental protection industrial development, provincial concentration area of environmental protection industry, municipal demonstration area of industrial transformation, and landmark industrial new highland.