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【Study and Implement the Outcome of the 7th Yancheng Municipal Party Congress】YEPSTC:Boost Innovation to Form Synergy for the Building of a 100 Billion-rmb Environmental Industrial Cluster

      For the past few years, Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City(YEPSTC) has achieved exponential growth through innovation and focus on environmental industry. It has explored various cooperation patterns to integrate administration, industry, university and research and fostered synergy among environmental technology R&D, environmental equipment manufacturing and environmental service sector.

    Recently, a magnetic resin technology developed by Nanjing University-Yancheng Academy of Environmental Technology and Engineering (NYAETE ) has been applied in many sewage treatment plants across the country. The technology can absorb pollutants in the water through attraction exhibited between positive and negative electric charges. It offers a more economically feasible solution for chemical sewage and household wastewater treatment in the Huai River Basin. Moreover, the third-party model that allows independent professional third-party technicians to handle the operation of environmental-performance related equipment in a factory proposed by the Academy has become a national pilot project. Such a model is an effective way to fully leverage the potential of vocational schools, universities and research institutes in developing environmental industry in China.

    Currently, the YEPSTC enjoys a complete environmental industrial chain with over 80 leading enterprises covering environmental products incubation, equipment manufacturing and project implementation. On top of that, the YEPSTC has selected air pollution control prevention and control, water treatment, solid waste recycling and reuse as well as new eco materials as its four pillar industries. In 2015, the CYEPSTC contributed 19.8% of the nation’s manufacturing of smoke treatment facilities while 41% and 90% of China’s desulfurization and denitrification projects in the cement industry and in the glass industry were led by the CYEPSTC respectively. Its market covers over 50 countries and regions in the world including the U.S. and Germany. During the visit, our journalist found workers at the factory of the Yuanda Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Company of the State Power Investment Group were fully occupied and engaged. The managers told our journalist that innovation has sharpened the edges of their products. The products are now so popular in the market that they receive numerous orders and their operation efficiency has been greatly improved.

    By specializing in environmental industry, the YEPSTC has secured its leading role among national eco-parks. In particular, it is the pioneer in smog prevention and control industry in China. It has been honored by 27 provincial-level and above awards such as the“National Demonstration Base of New Industrialization ”, “China’s First Environmental Protection Industry Cluster”, “Most Competitive Eco-Park in China”, “Jiangsu high-tech industrial development zone” and etc. It is home to over 300 environmental enterprises, among which 24 are listed companies and state-owned enterprises including Yuanda Company of State Power Investment Group. Seven of the top ten companies in smog control and prevention industry have settled in the YEPSTC. During the implementation of the 13th Five Year Plan, the YEPSTC aims to further upgrade its environmental industrial chains, highlight environmental service sector, and secure a foothold in the world market. It aims to become the pioneer of environmental industry nationwide and the cluster zone for Jiangsu environmental industry. In another five to ten years, the YEPSTC envisions to boast a 100 billion-dollar environmental industrial cluster featuring advanced eco-equipment manufacturing capacity and booming environmental service industry – to be the green Silicon Valley of the East.