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Party Newspaper at All Levels and Influential New Media Platform Promotes Innovation Achievements of YCEPSTC

    On February 10th during the “two sessions”, Party Newspaper at provincial, municipal and district level, ie., Xinhua Daily, Yancheng People, and Tinghu Daily published in their frontpage articles on innovation achievements of YCEPSTC. The article was soon forwarded by over ten influential online new media platforms including, China News, Jiangsu Civilization, Xinhua Daily Press, the Intersection-Jiangsu Top News and etc. 

    The Xinhua Daily published the article on the frontpage of its economic session under the title of “Reasons behind a small district in northern Jiangsu to have won multiple state science awards—include key scientists to industrialization”, while the article published on the top news session of the Yancheng People was titled “Tinghu—industrial development through technological innovation”. The article reviewed how, within six years, the building of the 6.69 km2-YCEPSTC, a “Treasure Bowl of Technology” has released the power of innovation and achieved the integration of science and industry.

    As China’s first Environmental Industrial Cluster and the State R&D and Industrial Base for Smog Control Technology and Equipment, the YCEPSTC creates a favorable climate for innovation and investment – 10% of its total investment is directed towards R&D and  4% of its fiscal income is used to attract talents. As a result, many awarded scientists come to YCEPSTC with projects to start business here. By far, 25 research institutes and universities, as well as over 100 leading environmental enterprises have settled in the industrial park. The YCEPSTC now sets smog control and prevention as its pillar industry and covers all links in the environmental industrial chain. Its products and services has reached over 30 countries and regions across the globe and has formed a complete and integrated business chain covering R&D and incubation, equipment manufacturing, project construction, operation and services, exhibition and trade, application and demonstration. It also drives the development of new industries in Tinghu including environmental technology industry, optical information industry, high-end equipment sector and new material industry. The YCEPSTC has been featured by many mainstream media.